A recent discussion on facebook about the image to the right (a poster trying to convey a message to prevent rape) has led to me realizing that many issues about rape need to be discussed that simply aren’t. The one discussion led to about two dozen sexual-assault related issues being brought up. Specifically, misunderstandings about who commits rape, racist and sexist stereotypes associated with sexual assault, what constitutes sexual assault, how BDSM is related to sexual assault and even victim blaming and the question of if men can be raped (of course they can).

Interestingly, some of the topics brought up in the discussion were quickly dismissed by other posters. Some oversights made by the creator of the poster were seen as minor problems for various reasons. So, this is the starting post of what I hope will be an ongoing discussion about Sexual assault.

I have much to write about, so I hope that you will be a patient audience. This isn’t an easy topic to navigate and I already know it will be difficult for me and may even be difficult for those who read what I have to say.

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