Map from the severely damaged brain matter of Sophie Hirschfeld
Have Sophie Tell You Stuff.

I don't always talk dirty.

I am actually quite capable of talking about many subjects. If you'd like to hear me talk or give a presentation, all I ask is for transportation to and from the event, some advanced notice and compensation will depend on what you ask for and what the event is and if it may or may not interfere with my work (I'm not a very difficult person, and I'm not out to drain anyone's wallet - even if I asked for some money, it is unlikely to be very much). Here are some subjects I have an interest in:

  • Scientific promotion.
  • Skepticism.
  • Issues that sex workers face in society.
  • Helping others understand how to help sex workers.
  • Sex and gender issues.
  • Eastern Washington Sex Workers Outreach Project (EW-SWOP)
  • Health.
  • Dramatic weight loss.
  • Dating advice.
  • Things related to whatever you've seen that I have written.