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There are so many things that people would like to know about London escorts. I can understand that the life of cheap London escorts seem very mysterious to others who do work in the adult entertainment industry in London. But, is it really that different? I recently did an interview on Radio Soho. It would seem that one of the questions many wanted an answer to was if London escorts prefer certain clients. Is it true that escorts in London favour certain dates or clients?  

At the end of the night as I like to say, girls who work for London escorts agencies are only human after all. Naturally, there are some men who are more special to us than other gentlemen that we date. I have a great crowd of regular gentlemen that I like to meet up with, A few of them I have even been dating since I first joined London escorts. It goes without saying that some of them are more special to me than others that I date.  

Do you have any special criteria to become a cheap London escorts favourite? That is not the case. Just as with other people that you meet in life, there are some gentlemen you think of more fondly than others. It really does not have anything to do with many. I guess a lot of younger London escorts think that money is all that matters. When you have been dating for a while, you will realise that there is more to being a London escort than money. Yes, it is nice to get a tip, but there is more to working as an escort than money. Most escorts in London that I know are rather devoted to their careers.  

Will I cancel a date to fit a favourite client in? I have to admit that I have done this on a couple of occasions. As you probably know, London escorts often end up dating international businessmen. When these guys are only in London for a few days and would like to meet up with their favourite escorts in London, I do re-arrange my schedule on occasion. But, it does only happen once in a blue moon so I don’t feel guilty about it all. I think that many people in business end up doing the same thing.  

Do regular clients treat you differently? Yes, they do. Many of my regular London escorts clients, I know on a personal level. Of course, they treat me in a different way and I treat them differently as well. It is like meeting up with an old friend. It is a special feeling. Most successful London escorts will tell you that this is a business that thrives on regular clients and the escorts who are devoted to them. If you are thinking about becoming an escort in London, you need to know that it is not one of those careers that you take on lightly. You have to be dedicated to your job when you want to both enjoy it and make a career out of it.