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Giganto-Sperm and Vagina Vice Grip

As many already know, I am currently at The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas and enjoying myself tremendously. However, I have decided to still make some time for giving the gift of my rambling to the world while I am here.

Back in June, an article was brought to my attention regarding gigantic sperm in ancient arthropods called ostracodes. As it turns out, size sometimes matters, when it is evolutionarily beneficial for it to.

What evolutionary benefit does gigantic sperm have for a species? Well, that’s something we are likely still developing ideas on. Gigantic sperm is not something that was previously unknown to science. Fruit flies have sperm that are several times their own length. So what is the evolutionary utility of gigantic sperm? Well, that is still something we’re figuring out, we seem to know that larger gives the sperm an competitive advantage.

If we don’t figure more than that out, though, or if we really need a solid answer now, maybe sperm gigantism can be something useful for this lady. Tatiata Kozhevnikova just set the world’s record (again) for the world’s strongest vagina. She is able to lift 14 kg (just over 30 lbs) with her vaginal muscles. This is amazing. She can lift more with her vagina than my doctor says I should even try to lift.

How Tatiana accomplished this goal is very important, though. The strength of a woman’s pelvic floor muscles is very important, not because it is nicer for her sexual partners to experience, but more so for the sake of her reproductive organs. Women with weakened pelvic floor muscles can suffer from a number of issues, including a vaginal prolapse or difficulty recovering from damage, like a fistula (tear in the wall of the vagina/urethra (or sometimes bowel). Strenthening the vaginal muscles/pelvic floor muscles is also important for women who have had or will have a baby because just the action of having a baby will stretch and sometimes weaken these muscles.

The best way to learn to strenthen your PC (vaginal/pelvic) muscles is to make yourself comfortable on a toilet, go pee and then try to stop peeing midstream. Do this a few times to learn what it feels like to contract the muscles that do this. After a few times of exercizing them then, practise clamping your vagina down on other things. A finger, a workout buddy or a penis are all perfectly fine. After you’re used to doing this, I advise that you purchase some Ben-Wa balls. (Note: ignore any claims made about this product that has nothing to do with vaginal, weight-resistance training). Eventually, if you deside that you want much more powerful vaginal muscles, like the kind that can break a tire iron in half, you can purchase balls that have a way for you to attach weights to them. You still use the ben wa balls similarly to what you’re used to while leaving the weight hanging out.

Another note: Men can try using their pelvic floor muscles for things as well, it is just useful in a different manner.

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