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Sex and Science is just about finished and will be all prettified and off the ground and running smoothly in a matter of days. Yes, DAYS! Thus, I have a contest inspired by my friend John H. VanOphem on Facebook. After linking the twitterverse and FBGalaxy to the adorable video on New Scientist of worms gettin’ jiggy with it, John responded to me with this: “Will the nematode position ever catch on though?” Well, I think we need to make it catch on. Before we can do that, though, we have to adapt the nematode sex to people sex. Given that people have more body parts and sex can be less cute and more chaotic with humans, this could be quite the challenge for many of us.

So, here is the task: I need you to create some artwork that conveys what you think a sex position known as the “Nematode Position” would look like. Use the New Scientist video and article as your inspiration. You can use any medium you like as long as you can digitize it and send it to me without killing my hard drive. It is because of time limitations and computer limitations that I ask that you keep your files down to a minimum. If you do a video, post it on youtube and make it no more than five minutes. If you send pictures, be sure that the total file doesn’t exceed 7 MB and I don’t want anymore than 20 pictures per entry. This presentation has to go up on a webpage and we want to be able to convey the idea to as many people as possible, accounting for the low attention spans of many internet users and not killing their computer memory. I also suggest that you not make your pictures any more than 450 pixels wide so that they can easily load on most computers, even with smaller screens. Also, your entry can be a verbal description. I’m willing to work with that and will even offer to draw the images to accompany the description myself if it is an easily understood, well put together description. I will even redraw images if you’re uncomfortable with your own art, but think you have an amazing idea that is so amazing that it will trump any other entry in how awesome it is. Thus, don’t feel intimidated by the task of making something creative, I want your creativity to show through in how you convey the sex position itself. The art is the added bonus.

As for rewards, There is very little I can offer other than posting your awesome work, crediting you and telling everyone how awesome you are here on, on my blog.

Send all entries to me at Sophiehirschfeld at sexandscience dot org (if you make a video, just send a link to it). Please include  the name you want used to credit you, your email (so I can contact you) and a brief paragraph telling me why you think your idea is awesome. If we’re all just cool enough, I may be able to time the contest winners with the official Grand Opening of Sex and Science (do websites have Grand Openings?) I don’t have much of a fanbase here, so anyone’s entry is encouraged and please tell your friends!

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  1. echase says

    Don’t have much to offer? Your customers place great value on your services… Your readers may as well. Unless that would be crossing some kind of line for you.

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