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Search your feelings; you know it's true. Egg, you can destroy the  Emperor ... Join me and we can rule the galaxy together as father and  son.

Search your feelings; you know it's true. Egg, you can destroy the Emperor ... Join me and we can rule the galaxy together as father and son.

Inspired by a conversation with Adam Pinilla ( … and this is what happens when geeks and sex collide.

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All around the internet, you can find images of penis. People draw them, make caricatures of them and generally have a good time with them on the internet. Along with those images, there are frequently jokes about how penises have a mind of their own. The thing is, the same is true for the uterus.

Vulvas are not quite as easy to use for a funny picture and the vulva itself isn’t quite as disruptive to daily life as the uterus can be. Sometimes, us girls just have this crazy inner monster. Last night, I had a conversation with my friend who was telling me that her uterus doesn’t just communicate with her, it growls. My uterus, on the other hand, rarely makes itself known. It never calls; it never writes; it just hangs out and pretends I don’t exist. So, at some point in our sleep-deprived states, my friend and I decided to draw our uteruses:



The top, apathetic-looking uterus is, of course, my own. The devil-uterus, is my friend’s uterus. Her uterus has a very different personality from my own because, well, her uterus is the reincarnation of Itzcoliuhqui, the Aztec god of destruction.

This all got me thinking about uteruses, because, every woman I know and have talked to about their uterine woes has a uterus with a different personality. Being the sick and twisted person I am, I felt that other women should present their uterus to the world. It is a therapeutic activity at best and an entertaining waste of time at worst. Present your INNER BEAST! So, draw your uterus for me, please. If you’re a guy, draw it anyway, pretend you have one. Send me a copy of your picture and I will post it here.

I just came up with this in a conversation with a friend in a chat room, I thought I would share with all my zombiephile friends:

Zombie Waltz

(sung to the tune of ‘the Tennessee Waltz)

I was dancin’ with my darlin’ to the zombie waltz
when an old friend, I happened to see.
I introduced her to my loved one
and while they were dancin’
my friend stole my sweetheart from me

I remember the night and the zombie waltz,
now I know just how much she has lost
yes I killed my sweet darlin the night he was dancing
with my friend to the zombie waltz

I was dancin with a new darlin
to the zombie waltz when my old friend,
she tried to eat me
I saw her stagger with my loved one
and while they were lurchin
My friend stole my brains from me

I remember the night and the zombie waltz
now I know just how much she has lost
yes I killed my sweet darlin the night he was dancing
with my friend to the zombie waltz
the beautiful zombie waltz


I found interracial bunny porn on the internet.

I have been sitting on this article, in half-written form, for ages. I think I announced to people that I would write it … um, two months ago-ish? The problem is this topic is a tough one to tackle. Even though I’m surrounded by the problem, it is a huge, complicated problem and trying to decide what’s relevant and what isn’t and what should be mentioned and what shouldn’t and how I can use it to benefit the reader is like extracting wax from your ear canal through your anus. It is hard. BUT it NEEDS TO BE DONE! So, for the two-dozenth-or-more time, I’m re-working this article for you, to fill you up with information and hope that it saves the motherfucking planet with all its motherfucking insights.

One of the big problems with writing about racism is that people have trouble even understanding racism. Racism is a sensitive subject because our history of racist thinking is horrific and we still see crappy racist things happen all the time. I was raised in an environment where racist thinking was the norm. I was taught that blacks and whites shouldn’t marry and that Mexican men were prone to violence (and Mexican women were prone to victimization). The Chinese made good servants, according to grandma, but were oppressed because they chose to be and the Indians (from India) were all taking our jobs and the Indians (from the U. S.) were all taking our jobs and drunken, whiney people who the government shouldn’t be responsible for. Did it matter we were part Lakota Sioux? Apparently not. I wasn’t taught to be violent as a result of the racism, but I was taught to be bigoted and I had to de-program that part of my upbringing along with all the other nonsense I was taught.

Few people ever want to think that those who loved them and raised them were wrong or bad or evil. It is tough to wrestle with the idea that you might have been taught wrongly by those who should have given you your foundation for your life. But I had to deal with that. I concluded that it wasn’t that my parents were necessarily evil. I think they were wrong and that their ways of thinking were bad and evil. My dad taught me to be charitable and kind to everyone, regardless of status, race or religion. But being kind and charitable doesn’t eliminate the racism. Apparently, what we do and what we are happen to be two different things, my friend, who I will refer to here as ‘Red Zorah,’ posted this today on her facebook:

What we do and what we are extends beyond that, though. When my dad forbade me to date a black guy, that was bad. When my father provided transportation to the needy and stopped to change a tire for a stranger who had a flat, that was good. So was my father a good person or a bad person? I think that when he was charitable, he was good; when he was racist, he was bad.

This is not supposed to be about my family life about racism, though, that’s just there to give you a background to my experience. Instead, this is about racism within my work. I think we need some definitions here so that this whole debate can be both simultaneously more clear and more confusing at the same time. For my definitions, I’m turning to a sociology book* for a guideline, because credible sources are the cream in my coffee. My definitions are a little paraphrased, though.

Racism (racial prejudice): A set of judgments as hard-set as an iron ass and usually as hostile as a diarrhea outbreak about a race based on their ancestral (who their mamas and papas are related to) history and that usually doesn’t change when shown how stupid the idea is or when a few dozen swirlies are administered by the Hulk.

Outgroup: A bunch of people that peeps in an ingroup disassociate themselves with; feel they can’t be groupies with; don’t invite to their circle-jerks; are opposed to and hate for what usually amounts to dickish reasons.

Ingroup: A group of peeps who identify with each other; hang out together with, and find common ground with, often based on who they hate or don’t want to send their chain letters to.

Stereotypes: Generalizations about members of an outgroupflatearthturtle that are overstated more than a male porn star’s penis size and often as inaccurate as Flat Earth Theory.

More important big words to help us get by, paraphrased from the same book, who took them from Robert K. Merton:

Discrimination: Treating a peep or peeps differently, either on purpose or accidentally, for reasons not related to how awesometacular they’ve demonstrated themselves to be or not to be.

Nonprejudiced nondiscriminators: Non-haters who believe that we’re all deserving of equal treatment and who act like we’re all equal in our equalness.

Unprejudiced discriminators: People who think like non-haters but who act like haters. These people believe we should have equal opportunities, but do prejudicially-driven bleeding-crotch-ulcer type things, either because it helps them or because they don’t know they’re being douchy.

Prejudiced nondiscriminators: These people don’t think we’re all deserving of equal treatment, but they avoid being crotch-kickers because they don’t like people to hate them, send them to jail or beat them up for being a douche.

Prejudiced discriminators: These festering anal fistulas think that people don’t deserve to be treated equally and that they are free to discriminate or should discriminate any time their genital crabs are biting them.

All of these things being considered, I think that the most important element of examining racist/prejudiced thinking and behavior is to measure the harm that may be done by it. So, while the prejudiced nondiscriminator may be a dumbass, he’s not as big of a problem for our society as the nonprejudiced discriminator is. The same is true for things that are race-related in the sex industry.

In the sex industry, racism is everywhere. When I asked people what they thought should be addressed in an article about racism in the sex industry, many mentioned things like the clear lack of people from certain ancestral backgrounds and the use of racist comments in porn. Other suggestions included the tendency for the industry to count interracial sex amongst its ‘taboo’ genres and for the industry to reinforce stereotypes about penis size and ethnic backgrounds. Some of these things can be a pretty big problem for people to deal with.


Note: This is not about the scientific theory of Relativism. It is about Moral Relativism. Relativism is a valid scientific theory and Moral Relativism is an excuse for people to to be dicks.

Penile relativism. About a year ago, I made a comic that caused a little accidental controversy. The comic was supposed to show how moral relativism was something I considered to be a bad idea using the example of penis sizes. Because I wanted to make the penis in the last panel stand out, I went for a high-contrast and made it brown. Some of my readers at the time took this as me trying to reinforce the stereotype that black men have big dicks. That hadn’t been my intention, but it was too late to really explain myself to the people who had already decided I was a racist bitch. This was an example of unprejudiced discrimination and I had to leave the experience learning something new about color sensitivity.

I think unprejudiced discrimination is probably the most common race-related form of discrimination in the sex industry. When people reinforce the idea that black men have a big dick, they don’t usually stop to consider that the black guy who has a normal penis size may feel inadequate because of this stereotype or that the white guy who sees this may feel like it presents him as less manly (something that is common in porn featuring the ‘big black dick’ stereotype).

Cashing in on bigotry. Since porn is created and sold based on what appeals to the consumer the most, the industry has been quite skilled at releasing porn with other racist elements as well. Presenting porn in which women refer to the men they’re having sex with as “nigger” and making comments about slavery and some distorted view of history has become a common feature of interracial porn, where the practice is more the product of prejudiced discrimination. The lines are somewhat blurred in cases where the porn attempts to make fun of racism by making jokes about racist tendencies or parodying famous incidents of racist acts or crimes or stereotypes.

The consumers of this type of porn seems to vary considerably from men who want to see their mate have sex with someone from a specific ethnic background to people from those backgrounds wanting to fantasize that they’re the one being treated that way. In my work as a performer, I often get to see my clients and when I talk with them about their fantasies, I can often see where they have been influenced by the reinforcement of interracial porn as a taboo subject. I have talked to clients who not only were into cuckolding, but who also liked the guy their girlfriend had sex with to be black, specifically, and to have a cock above a certain size. I also have talked to black men who, like many men from nearly every background, liked to imagine their penis to be much larger and who added conversation about their ethnic background simply because they associated it with their penis size based on common stereotypes. Some of these men even would use words often considered offensive, like the word ‘nigger’, as a part of their sexual identity within their fantasy, telling me that they wanted me to fuck their ‘big, black, nigger, cock.’ When working for a contract that I had about two years ago, approximately one in four of the men who claimed to be black would ask me to use the word ‘nigger’ (based on my notes and data from October 2008).

I wrote in the margins of my notes one day:

I’m having trouble using the word ‘nigger’. I’ve mastered the use of profanities of many types very rapidly and easily over the last few years, but I still hesitate when clients request that I say that one word. It makes me feel bad, even when I don’t see a way that it could be damaging my clients.

Apparently, my own reconditioning of my behavior in an attempt to reduce the amount of prejudice in my life worked so well that I had a tough time doing my job.

America’s history with the African slave trade is not the only part of history that has an influence on porn, though. Many of the patterns that are found in modern American porn has roots in our history. From porn featuring Asian women (and ignoring many Asian men) to the under representation of Native American, Indian and Middle Eastern men. This form of discrimination in employment in the industry is also mostly due to unprejudiced discrimination, but the consequences seem to be far-reaching. Men from the under-represented groups who are looking for porn with characters that they can identify with have a smaller selection of things to choose from. People who are already in minority groups are sometimes even more marginalized when their group is downplayed in the erotic entertainment that they seek out.

Within the sex industry, as well as with many other aspects of life, doing things that are considered ‘taboo’ can carry its own reinforcing quality. As a result, the sex industry tends to continue to promote taboo ideas that might make their products sell better. Putting race-thinking into their products and suggesting that it is taboo helps those products sell. Out of all the taboos found in porn, interracial porn is one of the easiest to create. It requires few props and no specific type of location.

To make the problem even more complicated, many porn actors and actresses will avoid doing porn themed around race or will refuse to do anything interracial. Sometimes this is because of their own biases and sometimes this is because they simply want to avoid association with racist ideas. Regardless, most actors and actresses that do this are noticed by consumers and are sometimes labeled as racist, no matter if the label is justified or not. Then, every once in a while, (some consider this a part of the porn-graduation system that I will explain on another day), an actress that previously didn’t do interracial porn will finally agree to do so and the product will be marketed not only as her first inter-racial, but her previous aversion will be highlighted in order to make bigger sales.

Ultimately, the conflicts that exist over racism in porn should be addressed from the viewpoint of what harm is done. Some racism in porn is more about allowing a consumer to identify with the characters they see, while some of it is based on a history of bigotry and reinforces problematic behaviors in society and even individuals. Trying to alter society’s issues with racism is difficult enough, but changing sexual preferences and ideas related to race appears to be an even bigger challenge.

from cum shot monster dot com (I didn't want to link to them, but wanted to give a source for the picture)

from cum shot monster dot com (I didn't want to link to them, but wanted to give a source for the picture)

*I minored in Sociology, Anthropology, History and Health Education. I have a ton of books on Sociology, most are supposed to be much more advanced than Joan Ferrante’s introductory book. However, it covered the topic of prejudice far better than any other sociology book I own.


Moral Relativism is a Lie. Note: This is not about the scientific theory of Relativism. It is about Moral Relativism. Relativism is a valid scientific theory and Moral Relativism is an excuse for people to to be dicks.

Originally posted 02-26-09

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