It would be an understatement to say that online communities are a new and still adapting environment for the World. As such, it isn’t surprising that the inward battle in Skepticism and Atheism and the backlash against feminist actions online seems to have become increasingly more hostile. I’ve managed to stay out of the crossfire, but that’s mostly because I’m doing a lot of doing, ignoring those who complain and not really caring about what they do with that. This is probably a risky approach and it doesn’t always suit me well. Some people don’t take that very well.

That being said, I’ve watched from the sidelines as Elevatorgate continued for more than a year as a hot topic in the skeptic community. While I’ve been trying to teach people about the sex industry and how to prevent harassment, I’ve also had to deal with my peers telling me that I should pick a side in the various conflicts that have been going on. It seemed as if people thought that to like one point of view, that would necessarily mean you can’t support another person with an opposing point of view. I defended both the skepchicks and those who seemed to have useful complaints. But, most of the complaints are things I didn’t support. The reason being, they were wrong. Continue reading »

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