September 10, 2010 – Eastern Washington Sex Worker’s Outreach Group (EW-SWOP) is a new organization that wishes to help sex workers gain and maintain rights that they are often denied. Issues from legalizing prostitution to decreasing domestic violence within the industry are addressed by the group. Alongside these goals, the group helps to fight for equal rights for the LGBT community.

The group serves another purpose, though. The outreach group also serves as an alliance that allows sex workers to connect with others within the industry. The taboo nature of the sex industry often leaves workers feeling isolated and unable to discuss important matters with people who don’t understand life in the industry. EW-SWOP hopes to help those workers by giving them someone to turn to.

EW-SWOP is already planning on events related to the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers on December 17th, International Sex Worker Rights Day on March 3rd, and joining in activities related to local Gay Pride events. The group plans to meet one or two times a month.  Web utilities or phone trees will be options for those who cannot travel or who lack internet access.

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